I'm Whitney Arlene Crispell, and I founded Local Color,  a quilting and home textile studio, in 2017.

My handmade work is crafted slowly, with extreme attention to detail, and inspired by my love of my community and color. I love to play with contrast, patterns, tone-on-tones, and making rainbows with fabric.

When I married my husband in 2011, dear friends of ours gathered secretly to make us a wedding quilt (see some photos from that sweet moment below). It is my most treasured possession. Shortly after, I began creating other quilts with these same friends, and my love for the quilting tradition grew.

In a culture that increasingly values throwaway or one-use items, handmade quilts feel subversive. Depending on size or complexity, I spend anywhere from 10-40 hours creating each quilt. I use a variety of hand-dyed, up-cycled, vintage, and modern textiles in my pieces.

I love what my quilting work brings to my life: intention, patience, and color. It would be an honor to share my handmade, heirloom quilts with you, and inspire the same. 

Read more about my creative process and work at my DIY Network Creative Genius feature.

The portraits featured throughout this site were captured by the fabulous City Lights Studio, and the wedding photos below were taken by Brandon Lata Photography